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"Kiran is an exceptional writer who delivers high-quality content that's informative and engaging. She really takes her time researching topics and trying to get quotes from experts to help support the content she writes.

I really appreciate her dedication to putting in the extra effort to ensure that the content she's written for Helpjuice meets our project's objectives and look forward to continuing our work together."

Josh Brown

SEO + Content Marketing Manager


Social Media Marketing

"Kiran is a joy to work with. She has a sharp eye for detail and an analytical bent of mind, which is an asset when creating marketing collateral that is a driver for organic leads. At Sprout, our editorial standards are very high and Kiran is well over the benchmark."

Annette Chacko

Marketing Content Specialist

Sprout Social

"As someone running an agency known for high content quality standards, it's important we find writers who share our philosophy. Kiran is one of those rare writers who "gets it." We've been working together for well over a year, and I'm still impressed by every "first draft" she ships to us. Looking forward to continuing our working relationship well into the future."

Tom Whatley



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CEO / Creative IT

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CEO / Creative IT
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Tom Shapiro



"Kiran is an exceptional copywriter. We engaged her to write a Case Study for our company. In addition to being a master of words, she did an excellent job coordinating all the parties and bringing together the case study in a professional and effective manner."

Robin Eissler

CEO @ BoosterHub

"I hired Kiran to help us produce more content for the Weflow blog. We’ve been very happy with her work — she delivers high-quality, well-researched content that needs little to no editing, and is always on time."

Boris Mustapic

Head of Content @ Weflow

"Kiran is a top-notch content writer. She tackles all of our assignments with precision. Her research-forward approach provides valuable insights to our readers. She is also a great communicator and delivers on time. I'm glad to be working with her."

Kaitlin Milliken

Program Manager & Content Editor @ HubSpot