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My Expertise

Case Studies

600 - 1,200 words + 1 - 2 spokesperson interviews

Case studies are a great way for businesses to show off what they do best. They’re also excellent for social proof, which is important when people are considering your product or service.

You can use them in all sorts of ways – from highlighting the benefits of your products and services, to showing how you helped someone else achieve their goals.

Starting at $250

Blog Posts

500 - 2,000 words

Blog posts are great if you want to build authority and engage with your audience.

They're also a good way to get more traffic, because they rank well in search engines.Blog posts allow you to share your knowledge and expertise, while also giving readers an opportunity to learn from what you have to say. Plus, they can be shared on social media or emailed out to subscribers.

Starting at $75

Product Descriptions

10 x 100-word descriptions

With engaging content that's well-written, informative and concise, your potential customers will have everything they need at their fingertips before making a purchase decision.

It will also increase conversion rates since people who read your product descriptions are more likely to buy it than those who just see it online without any additional information.

Starting at $150

Blog Post
Product Descriptions
Case Study
Nice to meet you.

Hi there!

So, I'm a copywriter who's been in the game for 8+ years now. Over these years, I've done TONS of work with startups and growth companies, so I know exactly what it takes to build an online presence that actually moves prospects across the sales funnel.

As someone who has worked on both sides of the equation - as a marketer AND as someone being marketed to - I can help you craft captivating messages that speak directly to your target audience.

So, whether you need captivating case studies for social proof; blog posts that 'll keep your audience craving for more; or product descriptions that will make them click buy now; with me by your side, you'll attract more prospects than ever and convert them into loyal clients!

Kiran Shahid


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Customer Testimonials

She has a natural ability to focus in on what the client is looking for with just a short conversation.

Jerel B.


Kiran has proven over and over again that she's a talented and versatile writer able to tackle any challenge.  

Michelle U.

Digital Marketer

Talented with words, and incredibly professional and flexibile; you just can't go wrong!

Samantha S.

Operations Team