I'm a B2B
content writer.

I'm Kiran & I'm ready to create well-researched content that helps you build thought leadership & attract more leads.


My Expertise

Case Studies

600 - 1,200 words + 1 - 2 spokesperson interviews

Highlighting your company's success stories is one of the most powerful ways to attract new customers. How you helped a client achieve their goals is way more convincing than any generic sales pitch. Sharing your product's benefits from the perspective of those who've already benefited shows your prospects what's in it for them & helps you close more deals.

A well-crafted case study also provides endless content ideas that you can use across your marketing channels. You can repurpose it for blog posts, social media, and ebooks that can fuel your content marketing for months.

Blog Posts

1,500 - 3,000 words

Your website's blog is the perfect platform to showcase your company's thought leadership & build trust with potential customers. You need a content strategy that provides value and ranks well on search engines to make sure your target audience finds your site.

A blog infused with quotes from industry experts, data from original research, and inspiring stories can help you achieve these goals. And a blog strategy that works hand-in-hand with your sales process can accelerate your leads down the funnel.

Ebooks & Whitepapers

3,500 + words

Ebooks and whitepapers are authoritative, in-depth guides that usually cover a specific problem your target audience is facing. They offer an in-depth look at solutions to complex problems & you can use them as lead magnets to capture email addresses & other contact information from potential customers.

The best ebooks & whitepapers are backed by original research, data from surveys, and insights from industry experts. You need to offer something valuable that your target audience can't find anywhere else if you want them to trade their contact information for your ebook.


My Work

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Nice to meet you.

Hi there!

I'm a content writer who's been in the game for 8+ years now. Over these years, I've done TONS of work with startups and growth companies, so I know exactly what it takes to build an online presence that actually moves prospects across the sales funnel.

As someone who has worked on both sides of the equation - as a marketer AND as someone being marketed to - I can help you craft captivating messages that speak directly to your target audience.

So, whether you need captivating case studies for social proof, blog posts that make your audience crave for more, or eBooks that help you build your email list; with me by your side, you'll attract more prospects than ever and convert them into loyal clients.

Kiran Shahid

B2B Content Writer

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Customer Testimonials

We’ve been very happy with her work — she delivers high-quality, well-researched content that needs little to no editing, and is always on time.

Boris M.

Kiran is a top-notch content writer. Her research-forward approach provides valuable insights to our readers.

Kaitlin M.

Kiran is an exceptional writer who delivers high-quality content that's informative and engaging. She really takes her time researching topics and trying to get quotes from experts to help support the content she writes.

Josh B.